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An Examination of Authenticity in Social Media

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Authenticity, Marketing, Social Media and Our Future

Posted by dannyarrington on November 21, 2008

In the new (and SURGING) economy where “social equity” is the new currency, I choose to only work with and buy from those that promote their own inspired idea in such a way that EMPOWERS ME to live my own life at it’s highest level. That statement could easily be confused with “new age elitism”. But don’t be confused. It’s just that my soul yearns to connect with people. And the more attention that I have given to that desire, the clearer this truth has become.

And while it may not be popular to say here, influence is everything.

But what does influence mean in our new economy?

To influence authentically is simply to step into your God given role of CREATOR. As my friend Alex Karis says “to be fully expressed”. And to step out from behind the spam marketing, social platform program pimping and get rich (fast or slow) schemes and step into the LIGHT.

When someone moves into that light, they are then enveloped in “Truth”. And when someone is operating from there, it is UNDENIABLE. Suddenly their words no longer matter as much as their intentions.
Truth transcends every aspect of marketing.
Truth trumps sales copy.
Truth trumps trends.
Truth trumps social alliances that are built on greed.

I see inauthentic “attraction” marketing everyday that is only the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Most of the “attraction” out there is still grounded in getting something from someone else instead of truly serving and being attractive based on the needs, wants and desires of others instead of ourselves.

Am I saying that we must tear down all pillars of our current models? I know that, for most, that is not easy to fathom. Especially if you have built your business with the traditional WIIFM mindset.

Am I saying that they are “wrong”? No. Nothing is necessarily wrong. But we must be clear on what it is so that truth can be discovered and revealed.

We must have proper perspective and not allow the fear of loss (scarcity) to govern our lives.

Put makeup on it. A brand new white dress. A new hairstyle that fits today’s hottest styles. But it’s still the same old “what’s in it for me” approach that is quickly being outed and replaced by TRUE givers who get it.

If this makes you uncomfortable, good. That’s who should hear this.

I’ve played on both sides of the fence. And the truth is clear to me. True satisfaction and fulfillment cannot achieved when every action you take is guided by what’s in it for you.

It’s easy to get caught up and lose sight of what you inherently already know. The lines are not clear right now. People are using words like spirituality and attraction to label themselves without paying much attention to their own true intentions. But they all feel that tinge of disconnection.

Not only did I feel it in my own business but I have coached countless others who have admitted to the same thing. Peers (many of whom you are buying from right now) who currently run old models are privately admitting to me the truth of what I am saying.

So how do you know where you fall? Just ask yourself throughout each day “what is my intention right now?” That should help you navigate towards more authentic influence and lasting success.

Social media is not being used in it’s highest potential when we are creating websites solely to sell stuff.
How many people are promoting social media as a means to “target” a market and make money? And how many “social” profiles are built out ONLY to interrupt the “target” and get them to buy something. How many programs are being built out right now that are teaching this outdated approach with no care or concern for what matters the most and that is the needs, wants and desires of the “target”.

How many more inauthentic, sales pitch-wall posts do you endure before you scream out “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” Mind you, it’s not the post that is the problem. It’s the lack of integrity and authenticity in the INTENTION of the post.

Should we market ourselves and brand our businesses and intelligently design things so that our financial structures are well served? Of course! But if it’s your INTENTION, then you got it wrong.

Social media is the double edged sword. You can use it however you wish. But to me, it’s being used to it’s highest form (and the wealth will chase down those that get this) when we are inspiring, connecting, empowering and building AUTHENTIC relationships based on LOVE, APPRECIATION and TRUST.

Learn to market. Learn to position yourself. Learn to promote. And then use these new talents to build true SOCIAL EQUITY (a wide organization of people that are living more FULLY EXPRESSED as a result of your influence).

For the Dream Achiever, this is the most exciting time in history to be alive. We have been blessed with technology that bridges the world, eliminates barriers and allows greatness to be revealed to the masses regardless of financial resources. If you have a vision, passion and willingness to live life at “full expression”, nothing can be formed to stop you.

What do you think? Are you living your life at “Full Expression”? If so, how does it feel? If not, what stands in your way? Has the emerging economy, where social equity is worth more than money, changed your approach? What do you think?

Peace and blessings
Danny Arrington

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