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Social Media Of Interest Week Of 12/08/08

Posted by dannyarrington on December 11, 2008

This has been a very interesting week in social media news.

The word “transparency” bit a big name internet marketer in the butt last week.  I will leave him unnamed here so as not to directly pile on the poor guy.  But the MediaPirate and his readers went to town!  I suggest every recovering online marketer read this before making the same mistake.

Make sure you pick up Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrims “8 Essential Free Social Media Marketing Tools”.

I enjoyed getting to know Jason Falls at his blog The Social Media Explorer and especially “Predicting the Future of Social Media”.  Lot a good stuff there.  Subscribe and take it in.  Regardless of what your experience level is in the medium, you will find information to challenge your awareness and you will walk with a better grasp on what you are doing.  I did. Thanks Jason!

And thank you!  Get ready for the upcoming launch of The Social Equity Show!  2 hours every week talking about social media, interviews with the webs leading edge thinkers and expanding the conversation on how to build social equity.  Coming soon!

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3 Responses to “Social Media Of Interest Week Of 12/08/08”

  1. Hey Danny,

    While I do appreciate the link to my blog and you sharing my belief in transparency I feel that I have to defend myself to some degree. I just doesn’t appear to me that you actually read the entire thread.

    First off, I really never piled on Matt. I simply stated the facts of the situation. Yes, some of the comments placed on my blog were quite angry and negative but if you take the time to read the entire conversation, my personal comments remain only focused on the issue and not on attacking Matt.

    Secondly, if you read the whole conversation you will see that a very large amount of the people who placed negative comments about Matt were actually helping and encouraging Matt by the end of the post. Once Matt began using social media effectively and conversing with the readers anger quickly turned into a productive conversation. Regardless of how this conversation started I feel very strongly that this example showcases the power of a true social connection. People disagreed, connected, discussed and learned all in the space of one blog.

    Sounds like a pretty powerful and positive story to me. I invite you to take another browse through the conversation and let me know what you think.

    Scott Baird

  2. dannyarrington said

    Hi Scott
    I appreciate your input here. I didn’t directly say that you piled on Matt. But I can see how you made the assumption. No worries. I read the thread, several times. I agree that it was handled with class by most once Matt began expressing an interest in doing it right. But to be fair, Matt did take a beating for the first few days! I believe that I was actually one of the first to basically say that Matt was just caught in a flux that many big name marketers are caught in right now and that is the necessary cross over from the marketing mindset to the social mindset.

    All that said, I enjoyed participating in the thread and I appreciate your input here on mine.

  3. Thanks, Danny

    Yeah, he did take a little bit of a beating. It was primarily due to his lack of participation I think, but I will admit that some of it was less than professional. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my comment. I also do apologize if I sounded a little on the offensive. I just don’t want people thinking that I had it out for Matt for some reason.

    Take care,
    Scott Baird

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